Monday, February 11, 2013

Trouble in Paradise

Trying to get a new apartment in a different state is a horrible process to undergo if you are a recent college graduate. No one wants to pay for your degree anymore which I suppose is due to our horrindous economy. I recently got a job working at Bath and Body Works to make money down here while looking for my job as a legal assistant before law school...however, I keep running into issues with actually starting work in the middle of apartment financing and changing my life. UGH...yes, frustrating. The store manager won't be back into the office until next I'm still playing the waiting game...I'm not a patient I've been occupying my time pondering new DIY adventures and moving strategies. Fun right?! We shall see. Coming up will be which DIY projects I'm thinking about tackling as well as the follow up pics for when I put my spin on them!! ALSO...Don't forget to check out my pinterest boards for amazing DIY ideas and apartment inspiration!

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